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lorry transport

Whole lorry transport means using the vehicle’s whole capacity for one recipient. Loading takes place directly at the sender, the goods are delivered directly, without re-loading, to the location as defined by the sender. The vehicle is selected so that it corresponds to the weight, volume or dimensions of your requirements, while ensuring speed of delivery for the lowest possible price, thereby ensuring optimisation. The most useful weight ranges around 25 tonnes.

The exact determination of this weight depends on the legislative terms and conditions in the given destination, the technical or weight parameters of the transport vehicles or sets. The loading bed metres depend on the type of vehicle. It range from 4 ldm to 15.4 ldm (loading bed metre = 1 metre length of the trailer, given its full width and height). It is necessary to bear in mind that every destination may have minor deviations. Inquire about lorry transport.

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