about APS limited

We are a young company on the goods transport market, with a young entrepreneurial spirit. However, the Company’s representatives have years of experience in transporting goods both nationally and internationally. Thanks to this experience, we navigate well in the field and we are able to provide our customers with fast services that optimally suits the customer’s most demanding requests.

We react quickly and precisely when resolving the issue of transporting our customers’ goods from point A to point B via points B to Y, thanks to state-of-the-art technology and non-stop access to current market information and an effort to do our best for the customer. We are hereby able to facilitate the best solution for our customers’ situation. APS Limited s.r.o. provides comprehensive services in the national and international road transport of goods, particularly using lorries, additional loading, freight taxi and collection services.

We take satisfaction from every delivery made

based on our customers’ requirements